MicroDERM Scrub

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How to Use

Key Ingredients

Our MicroDerm Scrub employs powerful resurfacing ingredients. These act to remove your skin's dead cells and debris from the surface to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and diminish hyperpigmentation.

With each use you'll find improvements in skin tone, texture and elasticity, as non-abrasive exfoliation from pumice granules smooth the dull, dry skin, leaving a healthy, radiant finish allowing for fresher, more refined skin to emerge. 

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    Skincare formulated by our family of derm experts

    Your skin deserves the cleanest and most effective ingredients, backed by decades of research.

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    Apply the Needle Free Serum on slightly damp skin. This will help lock in moisture.

    How do we know our products both work and are good for you?

    We made them.

    With our combined 50 years of experience, our family has been formulating and tweaking RAOOF MD products, finding the perfect ingredient balance. With our father+daughter duo of dermatology experts using the products themselves and recommending them to real life patients, seeing their effects and tweaking the formulation over the years to get the best results, we can assure that our ingredients are top notch and our formulations are clean and free of harmful ingredients. Based on your preferences, you can also choose between products that are 100% vegan, gluten-free, silicone-free, or fragrance-free.

    “I noticed a difference in my skin in just two weeks. My new favorite product!”

    -Jennifer P.

    Customer Reviews

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    Nalani D.
    My Sunday Morning Ritual!

    I am obsessed with this scrub!! There's a lightness to my skin that only comes after scrubbing with this product. It leaves a fresh feeling and a natural glow. It smells great too!

    Shira B.
    As effective as a professional facial!

    Microderm Scrub leaves my skin looking and feeling years younger. My face feels so smooth and soft - It scrubs and doesn't scratch. Washes off easily leaving a refreshed glow that lasts!