They said it can't be done. 

No one thought it was possible to make highly  effective skincare products that are free of harmful toxins and undesirable side effects. Well, we combined the superpowers of science and dermatology expertise and made it happen.

Scientifically Proven Ingredients

Our medical grade skincare contains ingredients the family has been perfecting for nearly three decades. We've been around long enough to know which combination delivers the best results for our customers and which we can be retired with confidence. RAOOF MD products have clinically shown to help improve your skin's firmness, reduce inflammation, treat uneven skin tones and protect it from free radicals. Our formulations are designed to work synergistically to create the ideal system for healthy skin.

Disruptive Technology

As dermatology experts, our family is not only personally involved in the formulation of the products, we are also intimately familiar with the latest science in the skincare industry. We work hand-in-hand with our development team to ensure that each ingredient is clinically tested and incorporated into each of our formulas at the appropriate levels to archive optimal benefits. We put dermatology in a bottle.  

Safe, Clean Formulas

We are committed to creating formulas that are clean, safe and healthy to use every day. There are no known harmful side effects or long-term health risks associated with anything we put in our products. RAOOF MD products are cruelty-free and 100% vegan.

How Skin Damage Happens

AGING: As we age, the anagen (growth) phase can shorten due to decreased levels of IGF-1 and microRNA31. Hair moves into the resting phase more quickly, causing excess shedding and thinning of hair. Also, as we age, our hormone levels change which often results in increased levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which can damage the dermal papillae, resulting in inflammation, reduced circulation and follicle miniaturization.

STRESS & LACK OF SLEEP: Anxiety, fear and poor sleep can cause cortisol levels to spike. Increased cortisol levels can cause hair to prematurely exit the anagen phase and enter into the shedding phase. Cortisol can also trigger proinflammatory cytokines, increase interleukin 1, 6 levels and cause weight gain.

POOR NUTRITION: A diet low in zinc, iron, vitamin A, B6 &12, C, D, E, biotin, folic acid and natural collagen boosters can also lead to hair thinning and loss.

‘DIRTY’ SKINCARE CARE PRODUCTS & ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION: Use of skincare products containing synthetic chemicals, fragrances and silicones can damage your skin while blocking pores, irritating the skin's layers and inhibiting healthy collagen production. Free radicals also cause damage by inhibiting recovery signals over time.

How RAOOF MD Protects Your Skin

There are many factors that can contribute to poor hair health and subsequent hair fallout. Oftentimes, it’s a combination of two or more internal concerns that are further exacerbated by external issues such as environmental pollution or ‘dirty’ hair care and/or styling products. Hair, like anything else that grows in nature, requires a healthy ecosystem in order to thrive. Therefore, any successful approach to hair concerns requires a holistic (or comprehensive) solution that not only addresses the symptoms of poor hair health (shedding follicles, irritated scalp, damaged cuticles, split ends, toxicology, etc.) but also the underlying causes (hormonal changes, stress, poor sleep, lack of essential vitamins & minerals, UV & environmental pollution as well as all of the horrible things we do to our hair like bleaching, dying, curling , straightening, washing and styling with harmful chemicals). At VEGAMOUR, we’ve studied the most common causes of our most sensitive hair concerns and developed a truly holistic approach to hair wellness that incorporates powerful phytoactives in clean, vegan supplements, topical serums, hair care & styling products that work in tandem to help address both the symptoms and underlying causes of poor hair health & fallout. Our inside out approach takes into consideration the health of the entire follicular ecosystem and works to promote a healthy environment for hair to flourish naturally.

The Hair Breakthrough: Karmatin™

Daily hair wellness from a non-toxic, 100% vegan ingredient that leaves hair smooth as glass.

What is Karmatin™?

Karmatin™ is an innovative, encapsulated vegan b-silk™ protein that replaces traditional keratin, a building block that occurs naturally in the hair. Many hair care products contain keratin, an animal protein that rinses away before it can repair damaged hair. But Karmatin™ bonds to the hair, nourishing it instantly for a glass-like feel. A true miracle and the hero ingredient in Vegamour’s shampoos, conditioners & masks, Karmatin™ deeply nourishes, repairs and protects hair from external aggressors like chlorine and sun, and keeps color vibrant without hurting animals or the planet.

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